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Upon conclusion of the auction, winning bidders are charged for the item(s) they won, plus applicable fees and taxes, to the Visa or Mastercard (unless otherwise stated) that they provided during their registration process within 24hrs of the auction completion. Shipping is charged separately once we receive full payment for the won item(s) and the item's shipping costs are determined. A second charge to your credit card (unless otherwise stated) will be made for shipping after we determine your parcel’s weight and size, this usually occurs within 5-10+ business days after the auction closes and/or when your payment for the item(s) is received in full. 

Available Payment Methods: VISA, MASTERCARD

If your card fails to process any transaction you may be charged a $50 administrative fee per lot.


Kindly note that shipping is compulsory for all purchases, and an additional charge will be incurred on your credit card (unless otherwise stated) the day the item(s) is dispatched.


Please be advised that pick-up options are not currently offered.


In the event that an invoice cannot be processed at the conclusion of the sale, a late payer fee of $50.00 will be applied to the bidder's account.


It is imperative that the correct credit card number and expiry date are provided when entering your payment details. Customers who consistently encounter payment problems will be barred from participating in future sales. Bidders should be aware that if errors are made on their part, they may be subject to additional administrative fees (per lot) to rectify the situation.


Upon the conclusion of the auction, bidders are obligated to be prepared to immediately settle the full payment for all items won.


If payment is unsuccessful, we will attempt to charge your credit card in partial amounts until the full amount of the item (including buyer's premium and any other applicable fees) are paid in full. 



This must be done once you complete your registration and before you place your first bid. If you fail to inform us of your tax exemption within that timeline, you could incur a $25 administrative fee (per lot) applied to your invoice/charged to your card to rectify the issue(s) if done afterward. 


TNA does not guarantee that we can update your billing before automated payment charges are issued. In other words, if you fail to provide us with your tax number, you may be charged taxes, as this may not be possible to reverse.


Once invoices are issued and paid for, TNA cannot issue refunds.



To minimize losses for TNA; TNA will take ALL necessary measures to alleviate damages.


To minimize losses TNA may proceed with protocols that include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Deny bidder ownership of item(s)

  • Administer additional charges to the bidder’s account (storage fees, administration fees, etc.)

  • Deny Bidder's participation in future TNA auctions, and/or TNA auction services

  • Adjust Bidder's account status to reflect delinquency of payment of debt when due - This may impact a bidder's ability and eligibility to participate in other auctions hosted through iCollector and/or their partnering sites


TNA may resort to other measures that may include reselling any purchase that has not been fully paid, and the next available opportunity will be utilized for this purpose. It is important to be aware that our standard commission charge will be applicable on the re-sale. If there is any remaining balance unpaid after the resale, it will be referred to our collection agency and/or small claims court.


In the event that there are any modifications to your credit card or shipping information subsequent to your registration for the auction, kindly notify us via email at


Please be aware that ICollector solely transmits information at the time of registration and does not facilitate the transmission of any subsequent changes.


If you experience any technical difficulties while using the ICollector portal please direct your call to their support team at 1-866-313-0123. True North Arms Auctions cannot assist or solve website issues with ICollector.

EMT payment instructions
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