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We make it easy to turn your assets into money.

Let us take care of the whole process for you by listing and auctioning off your items, collections or estate and converting them to cash in your wallet.

Get your stuff sold fast and at fair market value with our hassle-free process and impressive promotional campaigns.

How it works

4 Easy Steps to Make Money



Complete and submit to us the Consignor Application Form below. We review your application and reach out to you with next steps.


Consignor Agreement.

We cross our T's and dot the i's, and we generate a personalized consignor agreement with your that fits your needs. 


Auction off your item.

We'll have your consignment piece listed in our next auction and get you on your way to making some dough.


You Get Paid!

Now that the auction is over, and a bidder has won your item, we'll be transferring funds to your hands!

What Items Do We Accept?

Generally speaking we accept firearms and firearms related items. This includes things like military surplus, optics, accessories, collectibles and more. We even accept outdoor sporting goods, hunting and camping supplies. Contact us if you have any questions.

What Items Don't We Accept?

We do not accept items that are in unrepairable condition, or "for parts". Other items we can't accept are handloaded ammo, rusty/corroded/broken items etc. TNA reserves the right to determine which items are eligible for consigning. If you have any questions, contact us.

Fundamental Rules

  1. Once you've consigned an item, you can't change your mind and take it back.

  2. The consignor can't bid on their own item(s).

  3. We've got the power to cancel any sales if a consignor is causing trouble.

  4. Commission fees start at 25% per item, and vary depending on the value of your item.

  5. Commission fees are applied to final sale price.

  6. Find more info on our services check out our FAQ page.

Consignor Application Form

Interested in selling an item through our auctions sales channels? Complete and submit the form below to begin the process.


May take up to 5 business days for your application to be reviewed.

Once reviewed, a TNA team member will reach out to you.


Special note: Submitting this form does not guarantee your item(s) are eligible for consigning. 

Consignor Application

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